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Turkey Specialist

Unilogicom is specialist in arranging your goods from China to Turkey and Rotterdam.                                              Creating a solution with S.O.C. or C.O.C. equipment, including using our Charter vessels or via Shippinglines.

Unilogicom has developed in the past 4 years as a full-fledged agent in Turkey.                                                                    We ship our Charters from China to Istanbul and Rotterdam and take care of all local operations.

We provide as an extension, our truck transports from Turkey to other places in Europe or from Europe to Turkey    ( FRIGO – F.A.K.)

Ex Factory China, we can pick up your goods with our trailers and load it in our bonded warehouse in Shenzhen.          Our stats shows that it results in lower logistic costs for your core business !

The extra mile with in advantage in cost reduction for your Organisation :

  • Long free period of leasing S.O.C.
  • We are taking care of your products from A – Z.
  • Direct sailings , less congestions.
  • Best price in market




Project Cargo


Event Logistics

Project Cargo


Since 2022 Unilogicom handles quarterly project cargo for worlwide organisations.

From terminal to oilplatform or from Factory to Railstation, we carry about your out of cage cargo.


Let us convince you of our approach in these circumstances !