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Unilogicom is the brandname of United Logistic Companies.
An operating Organisation with multiple logistic disciplines.

As a global forwarder we assist you with all kinds of logistics.

Delivering the best global logistics solutions.

It is our job to convince you of our approach, our communication and our aftercare.

Parcel and Pallet

We arrange 24/7 that your boxes or pallets will be picked up and delivered from door tot door.

Road Freight

We arrange by FTL or LTL transport. Trucking for all kind of goods around the globe, pick up arranged within 24 hours.

Air Freight

When the clock is ticking, we are able to assist you with fast delivery around the globe, arranged within 24 hours.

Ocean Freight

We create daily the best solutions with competitive rates all over the Globe. Our core business is China , Netherlands, India and Vietnam.

Our Features

What makes us special?

Distinctiveness is hard to find until you find it, that’s what makes us special!

24/7 Support

We always respond within the same day. Our 17 work offices make this possible!

Competative rates

We strive to always offer you the best rate. Our independency creates these options.

Vessel owner & agent

We own our own deap see charter and we are your agent in port off arrival. Worldwide solutions or assistance any time, anywhere.

Risk shift

We offer you buying power in China, and we shift your risk from China to Europe.

Personal Data
Shipment data

Real life

We are also offering pre carriage or delivering to final destination including custom support.

Flexible Pricing
& Years of Experience!

Unilogicom strives to makes business as it should. We create independent worldwide logistic solutions, our response is in the same day. We design and implement industry-leading solutions in both freight management.

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Over 17 locations worldwide with approx. 250 employees, working 24/7 a day to reach your goals at the most challenging supply chain questions.

Raymon rijkens

Managing director

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Project Cargo


Since 2022 Unilogicom handles quarterly project cargo for worlwide organisations.

From terminal to oilplatform or from Factory to Railstation, we carry about your out of cage cargo.


Let us convince you of our approach in these circumstances !