Shipper owned Containers

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Shipper owned Containers

Unilogicom ships Shippers Owned Containers from China to Europe and from Europe to China. Let our team convince you that this is a very interesting shipping option at the moment. We have containers in Yantian, Shanghai, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Gdansk and Budapest. We arrange the entire transport including all logistical operations.


  • Containers available in : China, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland.
  • S.O.C in different size ( 20ft, 40dv , 40ft hc p.w., 45ft hc pw).
  • S.O.C. shipping contracts available, lower as shippinglines.
  • Long term rates based on volume & commitment.
  • Space at shippinglines and on our charters.
  • Flexible D&D freetime.


Project Cargo


Event Logistics

Project Cargo


Since 2022 Unilogicom handles quarterly project cargo for worlwide organisations.

From terminal to oilplatform or from Factory to Railstation, we carry about your out of cage cargo.


Let us convince you of our approach in these circumstances !