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Unilogicom is offering shortsea, transport by coastal ships, it is a good and attractive alternative!

We organize Sea transport via the ports of Europe.                                                                                                Environmentally friendly coastal Ships sail without congestion to destinations such as Spain, Portugal, Scandinavian, Italy and Greece. Both containers and trailers are taken on board. We also arrange and supervise the entire transport from A to Z! Whether it concerns an occasional container, trailer or recurring shipments, everything is possible. Of course we also organize shortsea transport in combination with our other services such as warehousing and VAL.


  • Short Sea in combination with Deep Sea container transport from and to all European Ports.
  • Arranging pre and on carriage.
  • All containers for all cargo avialable.
  • Corebusiness : Turkey – Spain – Portugal.
  • LTL possibilities in combination with our partners – 1 control tower.

Project Cargo


Event Logistics

Project Cargo


Since 2022 Unilogicom handles quarterly project cargo for worlwide organisations.

From terminal to oilplatform or from Factory to Railstation, we carry about your out of cage cargo.


Let us convince you of our approach in these circumstances !